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Webpages of 20th C Tamil Authors & Their Works ©K. Kalyanasundaram

List of 20th Century Tamil Authors and their works
Part II - Authors (cundaresan -pratheepa)

The list of 20th century authors of novels and their works is in tamil script (Mylai tamil font based).
Mylai tamil font is available free for use on Windows, Macintosh and Unix platforms and can be downloded directly from internet. For details see the webpage on Mylai font.
The name of the publisher is shown after the title of the novel.

CnftErc[f, j.ra
Cpfrm]iy[f, ka na
ecgfAk `ziy[f
EcaM, mI.p
sfedlfla p<YRsf

tamArkfk]f][f (vi. rajma]ikfkmf, 1934- ) tilkvti
Etv[f (mkaEtv[f, 1913 - 1957)
Etvi pala
etapfpilf emakmfmT mIr[f
ndraj[f, `
nawfcilf nad[f
nIla ptfmnap[f
pdfDkfEkadfAd raja
pdfDkfEkadfAd pirpakrf
pal Kmar[f
palCpfrm]iy[f, 'sf
p<xfpa tgfkTAr
parftftcarti,na (pi. m]iv]f][f 1932 - )
pirtipa rajEkapl[f
pi.vI. ~rf

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