20th Century Tamil Authors and Their Literary Works

Tamil is one of the two classical languages of India. It is the only language in that country which has continued to exist for over two thousand years. It is spoken today by approximately 65 million people living mainly in southern India, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia, Africa, Fiji, the West Indies, Mauritius and Reunion Islands, United Kingdom, United States and Canada. Tamil is the pre-eminent member of the Dravidian Language family and has one of the longest unbroken literary traditions of any living language in the world.

20th Century
Tamil Literary
The Tamil Electronic Library Website of this author is a comprehensive site designed to provide information on various aspects of Tamil Computing (fonts, softwares, tamil webpages), reference sheets on tamil literary classics, tamil research centers, magazines, bookshops, book publishers etc. The sister site Tamil Literature Online is an attempt to provide electronic texts of select tamil literary classics. The goal of this website is complementary to these two tamil literary sites in providing information on the literary works of 20th Century tamil authors and wherever possible the actual works in electronic form. Majority of the literary works of 20th Century enjoy copyright protection to the author and/or their beneficieries. So it is not possible to put all of them in electronic form in public access free sites such as the present one. We will make an effort to bring ONLINE as many works as possible.
  • A select list of 20th Century Tamil Novels
  • 20th Century tamil authors, works (in tamil script) -part I
  • 20th Century tamil authors, works (in tamil script) -part II
  • 20th Century tamil authors, works (in tamil script) -part III

  • Homage to Tamil Authors One of the Goals of this site to pay HOMAGE to some of the distinguished tamil writers of the 20th Century by providing dedicated Homepages that carry complete biographical data, listing of literary works and representative works in electronic form (audio files, etexts,...). Fortunately Tamilnadu Government has arranged to place works of some select authors such as that of C. Subramania Bharathi and Bharathidasan in public domain. An attempt will be made to make these works available in electronic form at this site. Kavignar Kannadasan's family has been very kind and generous to permit me to present some of his literary works at this site. This site is being built up on these foundations.

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    20th C Tamil
    Kavignar Subramania Bharathiyar
    Life History, Publications
    Click here for his Songs page 1 (in tamil script)

    Kavignar Bharathidaasan
    Life History, Literary Works
    Click here for his Songs page 1(in tamil script), Songs page2 (in tamil script)

    Kavignar Kannadasan
    Life History, Literary works (in English)
    Life History, Literary Works (in Tamil script) )
    Select collection of Film songs of Kannadasan (in tamil script)
    A select list of publications of Kannadaasan Pathippaham (in tamil script)

    Life History, Literary works (in English)

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